Holy Name Medical Center


Bikur Cholim at Holy Name Medical Center:

Bikur Cholim of Teaneck is a volunteer organization of men and women, established in 2004, who visit the Jewish patients at Holy Name Hospital daily from Sunday to Thursday on a rotational basis.

Our additional services:

1. We maintain a Kosher Lounge on the lobby level of the hospital for patient’s families. The room is supplied with snacks by Bikur Cholim of Rockland County and has milchik and fleishik microwaves, a hot water urn, seating and seforim.

2. Sleeping accommodations are available for two people in one Shabbos room on a first-come, first-serve basis. It needs to be requested and availability must be confirmed. Families can determine availability by contacting their nurse or nursing supervisor, pastoral care or the contacts below. Families can store food in the refrigerator for short time periods, as long as it is labeled with the patient’s name and date.

3. Shabbos in a Box, provided by Chesed 24/7, is distributed on Thursdays, when patients request it from their nurse or BC volunteer. It contains basics such as grape juice, a placemat, and electric votives for candle lighting.

4. Kosher food is available for purchase by guests in the café on the lobby level of the hospital (wraps and salads in sealed and labeled containers).

5. One of the Oak Elevators has been established to be a weekly Shabbos elevator. It stops on each floor from the lobby to the 6th floor and is clearly marked with a plaque.

6. Various services are conducted by local community members for chagim. These include: shofar blowing, megilla reading, Chanuka candle lighting broadcast through the closed circuit tv. A Sukka is located on the patio outside the lobby level.

7. Neighbors are available to help with various personal arrangements as needed, particularly for Shabbat and Chagim.

Additional chessed can be provided if needed.

Bikur Cholim Contacts:
Arlene Eis 201-836-4950
Adeena at 917-538-5878

Holy Name Hospital Contact:
Debbie Ross, RN, 201-833-7114

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