Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

Bikur Cholim at Englewood Hospital:

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center provides for the needs of the diverse communities it serves. The specific needs of Jewish patients and families are recognized and we do our utmost to go that extra mile.

Call Rabbi Charles K. Friedman, Director of Pastoral Care for visits, questions/counseling
201-894-3228. After hours page the Rabbi through the hospital operator “24hrs/6days a week”.


Shabbat overnight room.
For info/reservations, please call Letitia Corrigan in the Pastoral Care office 201-894-3228.

Kosher pantry (3 NW). In partnership with the Sisterhood of Ahavath Torah and Chesed 24/7 who share in providing and stocking the pantry for patients and their families. (Meals, grape juice, challah, snacks.)

Shabbat elevator is located near the D elevator bank.

Manual Shabbat entrance is to the right of automatic doors, as you enter the hospital.

Electric incandescent Shabbos candles available from Pastoral Care 201-894-3228.

Siddurim and Chumashim available in Kosher pantry.

Kosher foods are Glatt Kosher. Patients’ meals are prepared by Executive Caterers under the supervision of the Vaad haRabonim of Flatbush.

Maadan (RCBC) sandwiches, wraps, and salads are available in Drapkin Cafe on main floor.

Cong. Kesher is nearby at 509 Engle St. (.4 miles )(Currently undergoing construction, check weekly bulletin posted in kosher pantry for locations during this time.)

Other local Shuls:

East Hill Synagogue, Rabbi Zev Reichmann
255 Walnut St. (1.0 miles)

Shomrei Emunah, Rabbi Menachem Genack
89 Hugenot Ave. (1.4 miles)

Ahavath Torah,
Rabbi Chaim Poupko 201-568-5860
240 Broad Ave. (1.7 miles)

The non-denominational chapel on the main floor is a neutral, quiet space appropriate for davening b’yechidus. There is a sefer Torah on the premises (re nefilas apayim).

Volunteer visitors come from Ahavath Torah on weekdays and from Kesher on Shabbat.
Call Debora Berger to volunteer (917) 903-7538

Rabbi Charles K. Friedman
Director of Pastoral Care
Englewood Hospital
and Medical Center
350 Engle St.
Englewood, NJ 07631
201-894-3228 office
718-772-3935 cell

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