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Taxi Service with a Shabbos Arrangement

(Print this for on- Shabbos reference and program the taxi number in your phone to minimize chillul Shabbos)

Bikur Cholim Bergen County has “Shabbos Arrangements” with our local Teaneck Taxi service. This arrangement will make it easier for members of our community to access medical centers ON Shabbos and Yom Tov and to bring home those who are discharged on Shabbos and Yom Tov, when halachically permissible.

We are grateful to Teaneck Taxi who will work with BCBC to educate their drivers and dispatchers, making them aware of our needs on Shabbos. In addition, we will have a prepaid account with the company to underwrite any Shabbos/Yom Tov usage.

This is when the service should be used: If any medical need arises on Shabbos and it warrants calling an ambulance, please call the ambulance (911). Similarly, if the urgency of the situation warrants driving oneself, please do so.

However, in the event that immediate medical attention may be required, but it does not warrant calling an ambulance and does allow for waiting for a taxi to come, then this service is

available to you.

Similarly, if a patient is discharged on Shabbos or not admitted on Shabbos and going home on Shabbos is medically indicated and walking is medically ill advised, this is a service you should use. (Examples include a weak discharged patient, a woman who just endured false labor and cannot find a comfortable place on hospital grounds, or someone in another circumstance under which Halacha permits him/her to return home. Please note it is optimal, whenever possible, that upon your discharge from the hospital, you remain in the hospital until the end of Shabbos. Many hospitals have suites with lodging and food arrangements managed by our local Bikur Cholims.)

How to use the service: Call 201-836- 8282 (If one has the presence of mind, one should call with a shinui, (eg. dialing with the back of a spoon). If leaving a hospital there will probably be a non-Jewish staff member who can help place the call.

After giving the dispatcher your address and destination, mention that you will be working with the “Sabbath Arrangement” account number 201-579- 3066. Please confirm that the service will be covered by this account.

Upon entering the cab, please ask the driver to open the doors for you and help carry bags if out of the Eruv.

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